I can be a fool, when i think i am


I can be full, by just eating with my eyes,
I can go to school, but to work is to improvise,
I can be a fool, seeking for



I can be wise, when i act like a

I can compromise, push or even

I can mark a price, or wish for fish in a pool,
I can believe in luck thrice, and still sit in a 3 legged stool.


I can be a fool in wise

I can act cool, when i cannot

I can pull a bull, and still be misunderstood,
Like a wise fool, with iphone and no food.


I want to be wise, i don’t want to be a

I want to think twice, when the deal is too good,
I want to be wise, i dont want to be just a graduate from school,

I want to be wise, to express my experience like i should.




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