The sleepless nights,
The endless fights,
With yourself,
And when you don’t get along with everyone else,
One day , will all make sense

The struggle to reach a certain limit of success
The hookups and breakups after sex,
The doubts that make you feel less
One day, will  all make sense

The spiritual battles,
Being confused or unsettled
The debts, The dead ends,
One day when the day ends
It will all make sense

The fears, the tears
The visions that are not yet clear
When the ones you love are not here
One day will all make sense and the sky will be clear.

The fun moments
The memories that torment
The happy times,
The relationships that don’t rhyme.
Will make sense in due time.


✅ $10 or ksh 1000
✅ $10 or ksh 1000

Dear woman… HE KNOWS..

Dig deep, find your worth

Discover your value,

better than any diamond or precious Rocks.

A beautiful woman without good sense, is like a gold ring in a pig’s nose.


Who knows?

Your flaws,

your growth,

your doors that closed and you had to use the window.

Who knows?

Your walls that are cracked,

your failures in exams,

your tearful nights,

your endless fights,

your dreadful frights

like fear of heights,

your tireless and effortless might…

No one knows but JESUS CHRIST

He cares…..

He is always there…..



A. L. C. O. H. O. L. I. S. M

I lost someone to alcohol,
With every sip,
Our bond lost grip,
To even hold hands.
When his hands was filled with bottles,
deep down my pain bottled.

I lost someone to alcohol,
I don’t know why he drunk this monster,
He said it was like an energy drink,
But with every sip,
He couldn’t think,
Or even remember his hurtful speech.

I lost someone to alcohol.
I envied the love he gave to this fluid,
When the relationship we had was hard to build,
All the resources diminished,
because alcohol demanded it.
Now with every sip
We drew closer to poverty.

I lost someone to alcohol
I wish we could have a connection
The same way he does during his drinking session
I miss the days he spoke to me while sober
But Now with every sip
Our conversation is over

I lost someone,
I lost love, i lost faith, I lost hope
I lost a father, I lost a brother
I lost a friend
I lost to alcohol that became their friend

Jullz Poetry

Form: Free Verse

Copyright :Jullz_poetry

T. H. O. U. G. H. T. S

Am not afraid, Am cautious..
Am not worried, I just care.

Am not pissed, Am disappointed
Am not strict, Am disciplined

Am not fat, Am curvy
Am not thin, Am petite

Am not loud, Am Expressive
Am not quiet, Am observant

Am not expensive, Am worth it
Am not bored, it’s just not interesting

Am not lonely, Am alone
Am not sorry, if you are wrong

Am not greedy, Am ambitious
Am not shifty, Am liberal

Am not what you think,
Am not what you expect me to be

Call me a b**** but it’s evident Am being protective

Am me, you are you
Let not the thoughts of what they think, hurt you


V. O. I. C. E

Speak your heart,
speak your mind,
save a soul,
save a life

Speak when you feel oppressed,
speak when you feel depressed,
speak when your heart is heavy,
speak when your thoughts are wavy,
speak when things are right,
speak when you can’t write,
speak when things go wrong,
speak when you feel strong

When our minds are clogged, our souls are lost,
This mental slavery survives by what we post,
What we listen to, to What we watch,
we no longer hear the tick tocks of the watch
Nor the ringing bells of the church
Just like a two way
Silence can save you or make you take the high way

Speak your heart,
speak your mind,
save a soul,
save a life………

#Jullz Poetry

M. O. T. H. E. R.

A woman, is a mother
a mother is a woman,
if you abuse a woman,
you abuse a mother
If you love a woman
You love a mother

Try not to understand a mother
But listen to her,
Jugde not the life of a mother
But support and appreciate her
Lie not to the ears of a mother
She already knows the truth.
Fight not with your mother
Lest curses follow you.
Forget not the sacrifice of your mother
You dont know what she has been through
Degrade not the efforts of a mother
Her prayers are still guiding you.
Argue not with the advice from a mother
“Asiye skia la mkuu huvunjika guu”
Never beat or hurt a mother
Lest death be upon you.


Appreciate a mother
She gives life to a being without need to press skin
She loves unconditionally, she attends to your needs
She is a teacher, always ready to answer questions
and to give directions.
She is a doctor, having solution to your health issues
When tears flow down your eyes, she will be the first to hand a tissue.


Even with small feet
her shoes are too big for you to fit
East or west
Her meals are the best
Up and down
Every mother deserves a crown
Right or Left
She is still a mother even if she left.


A mother is a hero,
A hero so blessed
With wealth and wisdom
to sustain her next kingdom
As intended.
A hero so loyal
With faith and hope towards the creator
and to her generation she becomes a mentor
A hero who will always be a hero
Who will always give even when her pocket is at zero


A woman, is a mother
a mother is a woman,
if you abuse a woman,
you abuse a mother
If you love a woman
You love a mother






Its hurts when, to the ones you give don’t give you,
But if you concentrate on the pain
then those who give you will recieve nothing from you,
So give, forget, forgive
and count your Blessings from within.

It hurts when you sit in a crowd that you don’t belong.
But if you concentrate on the pain
then those who sit next to you will not stay long.
so decide, coincide, reside
and be contented from inside.

It hurts when, the ones you want, don’t reciprocate.
But if you concentrate on the pain
you will retaliate the one who wants to relate.
So live, love, believe,
and count your Blessings from within.



Lets face the fact, we are surrounded by noise
But we still have the choice
To listen to Gods voice
Question is if God is still speaking
Are we even listening?

See we have blocked our ears with trap
We have covered our souls with trash
We have filled our minds with cash
Because if it dont make dollars it doesnt make sense
So we choose to listen to God when we only want make cents.
And if our prayers are not answered
We become an angry stomach, upset
Feeding on lies
Filling our plate with pride
And still blame others for our shitty lives
Excuse my language, its just a sense drive

Well Gone are the days of “once bitten, twice shy.”
Now are the days of “once bitten, you ask why”
Fighting everywhere we go
And blame it on our Ego
We have learnt to afford the price tag on our consequences.
Then complaining about cons, becomes the main sequence.

If God is still speaking, are we even listening?
Thinking prophecy, is scary
Relying on fantasy, to make our endings happy
Watching 1000 soaps, and our minds are still dirty.
Excuse my language, its just a check through reality.

If God is still speaking, are we still listening?
Full congregation present when saving is directed towards the bank.
We assume we are right by blueticking Our father, now our relationship has sank
But christ is still here
To remind us that he who has ears let him hear
For The times of his return draweth near
So excuse my language, i just came to make that clear.




I can be a fool, when i think i am


I can be full, by just eating with my eyes,
I can go to school, but to work is to improvise,
I can be a fool, seeking for



I can be wise, when i act like a

I can compromise, push or even

I can mark a price, or wish for fish in a pool,
I can believe in luck thrice, and still sit in a 3 legged stool.


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