V. O. I. C. E

Speak your heart,
speak your mind,
save a soul,
save a life

Speak when you feel oppressed,
speak when you feel depressed,
speak when your heart is heavy,
speak when your thoughts are wavy,
speak when things are right,
speak when you can’t write,
speak when things go wrong,
speak when you feel strong

When our minds are clogged, our souls are lost,
This mental slavery survives by what we post,
What we listen to, to What we watch,
we no longer hear the tick tocks of the watch
Nor the ringing bells of the church
Just like a two way
Silence can save you or make you take the high way

Speak your heart,
speak your mind,
save a soul,
save a life………

#Jullz Poetry


6 thoughts on “V. O. I. C. E

  1. Please listen, listen when my heart is bleeding
    Listen even when am sleeping
    Listen to a heart that’s almost breaking
    Listen even if you don’t plan on helping
    … KD


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