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The sleepless nights,
The endless fights,
With yourself,
And when you don’t get along with everyone else,
One day , will all make sense

The struggle to reach a certain limit of success
The hookups and breakups after sex,
The doubts that make you feel less
One day, will  all make sense

The spiritual battles,
Being confused or unsettled
The debts, The dead ends,
One day when the day ends
It will all make sense

The fears, the tears
The visions that are not yet clear
When the ones you love are not here
One day will all make sense and the sky will be clear.

The fun moments
The memories that torment
The happy times,
The relationships that don’t rhyme.
Will make sense in due time.


✅ $10 or ksh 1000
✅ $10 or ksh 1000

Dear woman… HE KNOWS..

Dig deep, find your worth

Discover your value,

better than any diamond or precious Rocks.

A beautiful woman without good sense, is like a gold ring in a pig’s nose.


Who knows?

Your flaws,

your growth,

your doors that closed and you had to use the window.

Who knows?

Your walls that are cracked,

your failures in exams,

your tearful nights,

your endless fights,

your dreadful frights

like fear of heights,

your tireless and effortless might…

No one knows but JESUS CHRIST

He cares…..

He is always there…..



V. O. I. C. E

Speak your heart,
speak your mind,
save a soul,
save a life

Speak when you feel oppressed,
speak when you feel depressed,
speak when your heart is heavy,
speak when your thoughts are wavy,
speak when things are right,
speak when you can’t write,
speak when things go wrong,
speak when you feel strong

When our minds are clogged, our souls are lost,
This mental slavery survives by what we post,
What we listen to, to What we watch,
we no longer hear the tick tocks of the watch
Nor the ringing bells of the church
Just like a two way
Silence can save you or make you take the high way

Speak your heart,
speak your mind,
save a soul,
save a life………

#Jullz Poetry