East or West,
I roam to search for the best
I run to find the happiest
Place, most peaceful space
And secure, deep down am still insecure
Am not sure, Am I sick, do I need a cure?
Why am I like this ,is my soul pure?

Hi Nice to meet you,
Am running away from my troubles , can I stay here with you
Do I even know you?
You seem to have everything under control, who trained you?
Or you are just good at hiding your problems deep within you?
Don’t hurt me like those who hurt you
Don’t break me, like things that break you
Am sorry, I thought I could trust you…
East or West
Out here we are all the same
Fighting battles we think brings shame
Out here it’s not a game,
And everyone is looking for something or someone to blame

East or West
I can attest, this is not a test.
Am really sorry I left
You were right, home is always the best.




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