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R. A. I. N. B. O. W

Friendship is like a rainbow
Protecting each other from the RED flags
When life is like a bitter ORANGE we leave it and go for Avocado
Our smiles are as bright as YELLOW
Helping each other to find GREEN pastures
Cheer each other when we are feeling BLUE
Appreciate each other like rare INDIGO
Always praying to keep on growing in order to be complete like a rainbow with VIOLET



I can be a fool, when i think i am


I can be full, by just eating with my eyes,
I can go to school, but to work is to improvise,
I can be a fool, seeking for



I can be wise, when i act like a

I can compromise, push or even

I can mark a price, or wish for fish in a pool,
I can believe in luck thrice, and still sit in a 3 legged stool.


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I. M. I. S. S. You.

I don’t miss you, so i thought
Faded images of memories is all i got,
When you left, it did not feel right
When in darkness , i missed the light,
To guide our love, to end our endless fights
If i live with that, the pain will last
The good times too are part of the past.
So i hold on to that, and a new day starts
And i realised that i miss you, even when we are distant apart.

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I have this picture in my head,

Him and I, in bed

A beautiful night made,

And in the end,

We wed.

This picture is very clear,

With every touch, i feel him near,

With him by my side, i have no fear

And i blush everytime, he calls me dear.

The picture is not edited,

He is like a drug, i got addicted,

just like bundles, my love for him is unlimited,

Because His love for me is evident.

This picture, became my favourite,

What i felt between us was like dynamite,

Though it took away all my might,

I didn’t question it, cause it felt right.


I was wrong.

Because the picture became clearer,

After one touch, i was no longer near,

My heart was filled with fear,

And my eyes were filled with tears.

The picture was just in my head,

Yes, I was with him in bed,

And I remember everything he said,

“we can never be” now my heart is dead.

Because It was just a “picture” in my head.