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T. H. O. U. G. H. T. S

Am not afraid, Am cautious..
Am not worried, I just care.

Am not pissed, Am disappointed
Am not strict, Am disciplined

Am not fat, Am curvy
Am not thin, Am petite

Am not loud, Am Expressive
Am not quiet, Am observant

Am not expensive, Am worth it
Am not bored, it’s just not interesting

Am not lonely, Am alone
Am not sorry, if you are wrong

Am not greedy, Am ambitious
Am not shifty, Am liberal

Am not what you think,
Am not what you expect me to be

Call me a b**** but it’s evident Am being protective

Am me, you are you
Let not the thoughts of what they think, hurt you



I can be a fool, when i think i am


I can be full, by just eating with my eyes,
I can go to school, but to work is to improvise,
I can be a fool, seeking for



I can be wise, when i act like a

I can compromise, push or even

I can mark a price, or wish for fish in a pool,
I can believe in luck thrice, and still sit in a 3 legged stool.


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I. M. I. S. S. You.

I don’t miss you, so i thought
Faded images of memories is all i got,
When you left, it did not feel right
When in darkness , i missed the light,
To guide our love, to end our endless fights
If i live with that, the pain will last
The good times too are part of the past.
So i hold on to that, and a new day starts
And i realised that i miss you, even when we are distant apart.

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Rock Bottom

I am in a place,
A place where i have no space,
A place where i can’t find grace,
A place where i can’t embrace,

The process of progress.

I am in a place,
A place where i cant figure out who i am
Or where am I,
A place where i only sleep with an open eye,
A place where it seems am okay,
But in reality i just want to run away,

Am in a place,
A place where nothing seems to work,
No lights, all i know is the dark,
A place where am bounded by lack of trust,
A place where i am suffering from thirst,

Am in a place ,
A place where i don’t understand,
If i place my foot down where i stand,
A place where i cannot withstand,
the pain caused by those who stand ,
Next to me, beneath me, above me or around me,
Am in a place where there is ROCK BOTTOM then me.