I have this picture in my head,

Him and I, in bed

A beautiful night made,

And in the end,

We wed.

This picture is very clear,

With every touch, i feel him near,

With him by my side, i have no fear

And i blush everytime, he calls me dear.

The picture is not edited,

He is like a drug, i got addicted,

just like bundles, my love for him is unlimited,

Because His love for me is evident.

This picture, became my favourite,

What i felt between us was like dynamite,

Though it took away all my might,

I didn’t question it, cause it felt right.


I was wrong.

Because the picture became clearer,

After one touch, i was no longer near,

My heart was filled with fear,

And my eyes were filled with tears.

The picture was just in my head,

Yes, I was with him in bed,

And I remember everything he said,

“we can never be” now my heart is dead.

Because It was just a “picture” in my head.



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