H. I. S (side of view)


With a smile she confesses of her deepest desires
About this picture on her head
So vivid she described
With fondness she narrates
Of how great the feeling was
She talks about his touches how magical it felt
How close he made her feel
How safe she made her be
How vulnerable he let her be

She is in love all stars can attest
Her world was defined
By addiction she had
With this picture on her head
Her small heart is bleeding
All her vigor crumbling
For he was never there
Only on her head
Not her bed

She is in pain
She is in love
In love with the idea
An idea of this picture
Framed on her wall
Her wall of reality
Too close to be real
Too far to be true

She said
He said
“we can never be”
All she’s left with
Are memories
Memories of that picture
Framed on her head
by NiQ Ombaso


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